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Over the years, concrete has been relentless in establishing itself as one of the most ideal building materials. All throughout the years, it is undeniable that concrete is indeed durable and dependable. Because of its unfailing reputation, more and more business owners have been opting for concrete for their businesses. As a concrete company in Santa Rosa, we can definitely assure that they are making the right choice in doing so. Going for concrete can assure them of both durability, as well as longevity. If you are in a search for a material to use, you will never go wrong with choosing concrete.

We cater to almost every concrete commercial property. With our 21 years of experience, we have served all sizes and every type of concrete there is. For those who are looking into building a big project, we can surely help you out. In the past we have served different projects such as office complex, restaurant, retail space, government facility, educational institute, municipality, office complex, apartment building, sports facility, healthcare facility, and parking structure. 

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So regardless of how large scale your project may be, rest assured that we can handle them for you.

But of course, on top of these major concrete projects, we also do the basic concrete services and it includes drainages, heavy access driveways, gully pits, shop floors, topping slabs, pathways, v-drains, bridge walks, foot paths, entrances, industrial floors, bicycle paths, and picnic areas. These concrete services were our original offerings when we began in the year 2000, which means that we have 21 years of experience of doing these types of project.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a new concrete commercial service, we also do them. Some of that we cater to include concrete paving, tilt up walls, cast in place walls, slab on grade, and metal decks. Recently, tilt up walls have been gaining significant popularity among commercial property owners. If you have questions, you can reach out to us at 707-385-5837.

Santa Rosa Concrete Companies

Our company also caters to industrial services that you may needing. Some of this type of service that we offer includes cast head walls, plant facilities, retention reservoir, concrete flumes, piping encasements, heavy foundations, and industrial warehouses. Even though these types of concrete services are not as much in demand like other concrete services, we continue to supply these at greatly helps a lot of other businesses.

If you want the best material for your commercial property, make sure to secure concrete as your primary material. Being one of the long-time concrete companies in Santa Rosa, we can assure you that concrete will give you value for your money. With this, it will give you peace of mind because of how dependable and reliable it is as a material.

If you want the best concrete commercial services, make sure to reach out to us at The Santa Rosa Concrete Company. Rest assured that our company can provide you with quality commercial services that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations.

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